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Oops! Looks like Raven has vaporised her clothes again!

Teen Titans Porn Video

Oops! Looks like Raven has vaporised her clothes again!
Notorious Teen Titans personages with their glorious return with their new naughty ways inside this blog post. Raven Cock-craving bitches of comic and anxious to do their best to make the studs shoot their loads… Teen Titans sex personages are so fuck-starved that they are ready to fuck anywhere, every day and in every way you can think of!

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Teen Titans Porn Story: "Raven – Hive slut "

chapter 1 – braking raven in

She was barely conscious as she was led down a dimly lit hallway past rows of cage like cells before they came to a stop and the sound of a metal clanging door was heard just before the girl was pushed in roughly landing with an not so graceful thug on the cold cement floor. She was slowly coming too as a dim light in the cell flickered on revealing the gray skinned heroine of the Teen Titans, Raven, dressed in her usual leotard and cloak. Though her face was one of confusion as she seemed to be trying to piece together what exactly had happened to her.
“Ugh…uh…I was…called out…to stop a heist…the Hive…but then it’s just a blank…” she mumbled to herself in a barley coherent voice. She looked up as the sound of footsteps approached and echoed down the hall. In front of the bars to her cell stepped the Hive five, the most infamous gang of teens in the city.
Raven growled and stood slowly trying to focus her powers.
“Azarath Metrion Zinthos!” she called out waiting for the bars to rip off the cell but blinked when nothing happened. She said the words again, then a third time now getting a bit scared and confused.
“My powers…” she said meekly looking at her hands now shocked seeing that she was in a pair of old looking manacles made of thick steel and chain, whatever had knocked her out had dulled her senses as well. She now felt her neck, running her fingers along a black collar fit snugly around her neck. She gave the Hive group a glare now.
They all grinned at her wickedly, Jinx especially. <br Continue reading

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